Seasonal Sweater Trend

This seasonal business casual look is both warm and comfortable. It is perfect for the fall season! This is great because fall weather is finally starting to come to California. My family has been bragging about the snow they are getting in the Midwest this week, but I am perfectly happy watching from sweater weather!

This look is also great because I am all about comfort, especially at work. I spend a lot of hours at a desk, and it can get chilly in the office. This look is perfect for the long days in the office and for those holiday parties that will be starting soon.

I decided to keep this outfit in the black and white scale so that my red purse and lip color really pop! I love creating looks with accent colors because they really pop against a monochromatic outfit.


Button up – J. Crew

Sweater – Gap

Skirt – I. N. San Fransisco

Tights – Target

Shoes – Studio Paolo

Purse – Unknown (Vintage)