3 Steps To Gain Confidence Your Own Personal Style

I have been on the hunt for a new job for a couple weeks now despite the countless interviews I have gone to. There are times when I get upset about all of the unsuccessful interviews that I have had. Most of those interviews went really well but I just didn’t get the job. The first thing that I do when I start to feel down is I take some time to reflect and relax. Then I prepare for this blog.

This blog has become a positive outlet for me during the last couple of weeks. It empowers me to know that I am not just doing this for myself but also for you, my followers! For this reason, I have chosen to give you some ideas to help boost your confidence from fashion! I use this template to create outfits from my closet that boost confidence in myself and that inevitably give me positive energy. Hopefully it will do the same for you!

My 3 steps to a more confident look:

(Answer the questions for yourself on each!)

1. What color do I get the most compliments from?

Personally, I get a lot of compliments when I blush colors because of my pale complexion. That is why I am wearing a pink shirt in this photo shoot.

2. What is your favorite pair of comfortable pants and/or skirt?

For me, it has to be jeans because they are a casual and comfortable article of clothing. They are also a step up from sweatpants! These jeans by Kate Spade are by far my favorite pair of jeans.

3. What are your most comfortable or favorite pair of shoes?

I know that are people that love wearing super high heels because it gives them confidence. But as for me, comfort is much more important because I love taking long walks.

I hope that these three questions help you build an outfit that gives you confidence. More importantly, it is important to remember that you are amazing and that fashion is what you make it. As for me, I am confident that the right opportunity for my career will come!

Brands: Top – Rock and Republic, Jeans – Kate Spade, Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger