Top 5 Ways to Wear a Vest This Fall

Hey guys! These are my top five fall looks featuring a plain black vest.

Look #1 – A simple short sleeved white tee for those warm days that come periodically throughout the season. Paired with my favorite pair of blue jeans by Kate Spade. Ready for a walk in the park to witness the trees changing color.


Brands: Jeans – Kate Spade, White Tee – Banana Republic, Vest – The Zenana, Black Heels – Unknown

Look #2: My personal favorite! The down to earth plaid and blue jeans look. This outfit is great for adventuring and of course horseback riding. img_1863img_1862

Brands: Plaid Shirt – American Eagle, Jeans – Kate Spade, Vest – The Zenana, Black Heels – Unknown

#3: Denim on Denim. There is always an excuse to wear a denim top in the fall. Also, check out these cute collar brooches! Perfect for a night out by the bonfire. img_1860img_1861

Brands: Jeans – Kate Spade, Denim Shirt – Banana Republic, Vest – The Zenana, Collar Brooch – Amazon, Black Heels – Unknown

Look #4: I am all about comfort. The super comfy leggings and a long sleeved shirt look. This paired with a fun scarf and I am off to brunch with friends!


Brands: Grey shirt – The Original Frocket, Scarf – Unknown, Vest – The Zenana, Leggings – Unknown, Black shoes – Mossimo

Look #5: A fun twist for a casual date night. This cute dress by Lush and a pair of floral tights from Dillards make the perfect match for this vest.


Brands: Dress – Lush, Vest – The Zenana, Black Heels – Unknown, Tights – Dillards

Let me know what you think of this post. What other fall items are you excited about bringing out of your closet? I have a few and I am excited about sharing them with you here on my blog.

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