Interview Outfit: How to Make an Amazing First Impression

Interviews can be overwhelming and intimidating. You cannot predict how it will go until you are about halfway through it. By then the first impressions have been made and you are focusing on every question that is coming your way. I always feel like I am going in to take an exam and a first date at the same time. Here is why;

  1. You have to study up on the company in order to make a good impression,
  2. You have to prepare answers about your work experience,
  3. You have to look professional,
  4. You must be able to work well with the managers personality and management style.

It can be challenging, but you can give yourself an advantage by preparing and looking your best. Control what you can control and don’t worry about the rest.

I went to an interview today and kicked its butt with this amazing business outfit! This blouse from Banana Republic is my go to shirt for interviews. It can be worn by itself or with a blazer like I have done with this outfit. This blazer was on sale at H&M for $12! By the way I got a second interview so, wish me luck!

Brands: Blouse – Banana Republic, Pants – ANDEAWY, Jacket – H&M, Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger