Outfit For An Interview

I’ve been out to a couple of interviews recently so I thought that I might share one of the outfits that I wore. It’s so important to look your best at an interview so that they take you seriously. Plus when you look your best it gives you a little more confidence that can create a memorable experience with a potential employer.

When it comes to dressing professionally I have found that I love color blocking and often forget about prints and textures. As you can see from this post. 😉 I did however find this scarf thing to go with my nice white blouse. I’ve had this scarf for several years from a dress that my mom wore to a wedding once. I completely forgot that I had it until I brought out my scarves from storage. Then bam! I put it with this outfit and I hope that you love it as much as I do.

Brands: Shirt – First Lady, Pants – ANDEAWY, Scarf – unknown, Shoes – Studio Paolo