Autumn Color Palette


Halloween is next week! I thought that it might start cooling down now that we are into the fall season but I was wrong. We got a couple nice weeks and then the temperature shot back up again. I can’t believe it! I am back to wearing my work tank tops. I love this one because I can wear it with almost any color of bottoms. It has so much color in it that it can lighten up a dark pair of pants or really pop with a cute pencil skirt. It also has a nice airy cut and the fabric is thick enough that I don’t have to wear an undershirt with it. These pants have brought some nice color into my wardrobe as well. I went out on a limb with buying colored pants and I really like them. They fit nicely and I didn’t have to hem them at all, which is always a win.

Brands: Tank – Lucy & Laurel, Pants – ANDEAWY, Shoes – Yainn