Back to the Gym

IMG_0426IMG_0424IMG_0425IMG_0423IMG_0427In honor of my husband and I going back to the gym this week I decided to share my typical work out clothes. This is the actual outfit that I wore to the gym yesterday. I bought my sports leggings at Target and some good quality socks that I am wearing this week too if you can see them. I love Target’s clothing selection! They have really good work-out clothes at a decent price. Of course, I have to show off my Kansas State pride with my university tank. Plus nothing beats Nike shoes, I have had these Nike shoes for seven years and they haven’t fallen apart on me yet. Nike makes some really good quality shoes.

We just started at a new gym called NerdStrong in North Hollywood, CA. It features classes like Monster Boss, Blacksmith, and Powerup. If you are in the area feel free to try out their free intro class on Saturdays.

Brands: Tank – Blue 84, Pants – C9 Champion, Shoes – Nike