What To Wear To Work

IMG_0421IMG_0413IMG_0415IMG_0414IMG_0417It is definitely cold and flu season so make sure to get your flu shot. I have been up and down with a cold all week. I know that most of social media is all of the perfect moments in life but to be honest everyone gets sick and everyone needs a reminder to take extra precaution. This week has been very long but extra fashionable in-spite of my cold. I went on a small shopping spree at target and got these fancy green pants and green sweater. I didn’t notice that they matched until I went to pay for them. I sort of feel like my pants are band pants because of the velvet stripe down the side. Plus I love the cut of these pants. The high waist and straight pant make legs look longer, and that is always a good thing.

Brands: Sweater & Pants – ANDEAWY, Shirt – Merona, Shoes – Nickels