Denim on Denim

IMG_0139IMG_0107IMG_0111IMG_0106IMG_0126IMG_0130IMG_0135IMG_0136IMG_0124IMG_0118I get so excited when the days become shorter and colder and it all begins with my favorite season. The best thing to wear in the fall is denim. It is both fashionable and warm. I bought this blouse two months ago and I’ve been sad see it sitting in my closet so long, but it was worth it. I go back and forth on my feelings for denim jackets but I love denim shirts all of the time. I was so happy to find a real girlie shirt with a little flare. This was the first time wearing it out and I realized that I may need to tack down the ruffle because it kept blowing in the wind and I did not like that. I paired it with more denim because that is really in right now. The shoes are one of my favorite pairs in my closet. They are flexible, the top never leaves blisters no matter how long I wear them, and they completely cover my socks.

Do you prefer denim shirts or denim jackets?

Brands: Shirt – Banana Republic, Pants – Mossimo, Shoes – Prima Royale