Fall Yellow Dress

IMG_0070IMG_0084IMG_0072IMG_0079IMG_0075IMG_0082IMG_0071If you cannot tell already one of my favorite fall colors is yellow, along with burnt red and army green. I bought this dress last fall at a thrift store in the valley. I had originally bought it to wear at work but it is a little bit too short for me to be comfortable wearing it to work. So, instead of wearing to work I have decided to put it in my date night dress collection. I am so excited about Halloween being right around the corner that I bought a cute little witch for my desk at work, today. But to be honest, I have Halloween desk ornaments that live on my desk all year round. I also keep some fake sunflowers on my desk to brighten my day.

What are your favorite colors to wear in the fall?

Brands: Dress – Forever 21, Heels – Studio Paolo

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