The Perfect Top For An Evening Out

IMG_0864IMG_0863IMG_0861IMG_0860IMG_0858We are finally getting some of the beautiful cool days that I have been dreaming about all summer. I love days that I can wear semi fall clothes such as this flowing top and boots. This top is wonderful because it is a light fabric and adjusts well to the warm day and cool nights. It is perfect for those summer afternoon/evening outings. Plus who can resist thigh high boots! It took me a long time to find a pair of leather looking thigh highs without a heel. The boots with the heels look great but I don’t last very long in them. If only I could make a blooper reel full of all of the times that I have fallen in heels. It’s a wonder why I still wear them.

What are your favorite boots for fall?

Brands: Top – Knox Rose (Target), Pants – Hue, Boots – Stuart, Tank – Free to Live