Stripes For Work

IMG_0827IMG_0833IMG_0828IMG_0829IMG_0826IMG_0825I’ve noticed that really like to buy clothing items that are stripes or floral patterns. If you have been following along with my blog posts you will see that I have done a few posts with me wearing stripes. I really like to wear stripes because they can make you appear thinner. For example, my husband showed me these pictures after taking them and I was thinking “wow, I look thin in that picture.” This top goes well with any color of pants that you may desire. I chose to wear these dark gray pants from HaVe because they make my legs look really long. I have purposefully not hemmed them because it forces me to wear heals to work once in a while.

Brands: Top – Banana Republic, Pants – HaVe, Shoes – XOXO

What are your favorite brands to get work pants from?